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Custom Backgammon is an authorized US retailer of FMGammon.

FMGammon is a high-end backgammon boards & accessories manufacturer located in Turkey.
Custom Backgammon Boards are available for players of all levels.


We offer a wide range of backgammon board sets that we believe you’ll fall in love with as soon as you play with them. From our biggest and most prestigious board, the TALAT & TALAT Premium to our most portable sets, the YALDIZ, TUE & Golden Sahara, we’re absolutely certain our backgammon boards will exceed your expectations. Read more below and let us explain the differences between the models we have available.


The TALAT backgammon board is our most prestigious set available. The board is made with a varnished mahogany wood and is our biggest model available. This model is our most prestigious backgammon board set that you can customize to your style. The TALAT and most of our other boards are designed to have the exact same playing surface dimensions so that you can interchange your magfit surfaces.

Customize your TALAT

TALAT Premium

The TALAT Premium features the exact same TALAT board but with all our most PREMIUM accessories and an extra set of Magfit surfaces included. If you’re looking to have the most prestigious experience playing backgammon, the TALAT Premium is the set you’re looking for.

Customize your TALAT Premium


Again featuring the same board design as the TALAT, magfit surface compatible, the HERA this time differs by having a dark stain to the beech wood, giving it a totally different presence.

Customize your HERA


The METE is slightly more compact and lighter, offers a strong carrying handle while featuring mostly the same inside design as the TALAT. The board set is a bit lighter as well, making it a more portable friendly backgammon board set. The METE is as well compatible with our magfit surfaces.

Customize your METE

Ali Çetin Belene

One of our signature models that is sure to wow you and anyone around by it’s outstanding quality of materials and craftsmanship. This compact backgammon board is made out of our exclusive & beautiful dark stained pine tree wood and is fitted with our specially produced Magfit surfaces allowing you to customize it to your very desired colors.

Customize your Ali Çetin Belene


The WALNUT is our newest board design. Made entirely of luxurious walnut wood, including the playing surface itself. The WALNUT is also compatible with our magfit surfaces, none are included as you’ll be enjoying playing on the walnut inlayed surface, you may however choose to add a surface to come along this board that you can fully customize to your desires.

Customize your WALNUT

Golden Sahara

The Golden Sahara backgammon is one of our most portable and prestigious models. This affordable custom backgammon board design is very compact and just might be the perfect complete backgammon board set for you

Customize your Golden Sahara


The YALDIZ is one of our newer compact models, it is made of a PVC & MDF offering a stunning finish, all while being our most compact model. The YALDIZ is not compatible with our magfit surfaces, but does include a playing surface that is fully customizable.

Customize your YALDIZ


All our checkers are manufactured using precision tools and molds, guarantying precise size, weight & consistency. All our checkers are custom made to fit all backgammon boards sold on custombackgammon.
Diameter: 44.5mm | Thickness: 12mm | Weight: ~20gr/piece

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Premium checkers

Sold as a half set of 15 pieces with 13 available colors. The PREMIUM checkers are designed with a mother-of-pearl in the middle and shined with a different special substance giving them a unique feel and balance. The checkers take more time to manufacture as they require two different processes.

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Pearl checkers

Sold as a half set of 15 pieces with 7 available colors. The PEARL checkers are designed with a special Pearlescent shiny substance in the middle and a deep center groove, giving them a solid and comfortable feel.

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VIP checkers

Sold as a half set of 15 pieces with 13 available colors. The VIP checkers are designed with a pearlescent substance featuring a sharp & deep hollow center groove for easy and enjoyable grabbing.

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Fingerdish checkers

Sold as a half set of 15 pieces with 13 available colors. The FINGERDISH checkers are our standard checkers. They are made using a plain color, aren’t shiny like our other checkers. They feature a smooth center groove and offer a great playing experience.

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Marble checkers

Sold as a full set of 30 pieces with 8 color combinations available. Our artists manufacture these unique checkers by blending different colored materials and letting randomness create these unique patterns. There is a slight pit in the center with a smooth transition to the edges.

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Handmade with love in Turkey

Our custom backgammon boards are unique.

All of our products are handmade with love by our talented craftsman in Turkey. From wood to resin, every part of our sets are made in our shop to ensure the finished products exceed anyone’s expectations. We do not cut corners, we only use the best materials to produce the best boards and accessories we have ever came across.