HERA – Beech Wood – Backgammon Set


The HERA Beech Wood Backgammon board is not the quiet kid in class. The darkness of the frame does something unexpected – it makes any colored surface inlay pop! Your eyes will rarely rest in the darkness of the frame but will be drawn to the contrast between the dark and the colors leaving a striking vibrancy. The outer case is fitted with a leather covering making it resistant to scratches and easy to take on the go. The HERA Beech Wood Backgammon board shouldn’t be kept only at home, but brought out to make a guaranteed impression on on-lookers! The Hera is a fantastic backgammon board that will fulfill any need of its lucky owner.


Fell in love with the board as it is pictured? Skip the customization and order the board the way our team designed it.

Customized HERA +
Logo or text will be displayed very center of the surface
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Case Material: Long-standing Exclusive Beech Tree
Exterior Surface : High Quality Blue Leather
Case Color: Black
Surface: Specially produced Magfit surface fabric that provides unique satisfaction for the checker glide and dice movements
Clasp Style: Metal (Silver Plated)
Handle: High Quality Blue Leather

What’s included

  • 1 set Checkers (30 pcs)
  • 40mm Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage
  • 1 Pair of Precision Dice
  • 2 Dice Cups
  • Plastic Scoreboard
  • Carrying Bag


Interchangeable Surface System

Easily replace or change the style of your board with the removable surface inlays. The system is invented and patented by our partner FM Gammon and allows you to lift and remove the inlays with a simple magnet solution.

Additional Information for HERA

Free accessories and free services included in the price of the product:
40mm Custom Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage,
1 set (30 pcs) Checker,
2 Dice Cups,
1 Pair of Precision Dice(2pcs),
Carrying Bag

Closed Length: 21.5″ (54.5cm)
Closed Width: 15.6″ (39.5cm)
Closed Height: 3.2″ (8cm)

Open Length : 22″ (55cm)
Open Width: 31.3″ (79.5cm)
Open Height: 1.6″ (4cm)

Weight: 12lbs (5,4kg)

Backgammon Set Materials:
Case Material 1: Long-standing Exclusive Beech Tree
Exterior Surface : High Quality Blue Leather
Case Color: Black
Surface Material: Specially produced FM fabric that provides unique satisfaction for the checker glide and dice movements.
Surface Height: 53,9 cm
Surface Width: 26,9 cm

Clasp Style: Metal ( Silver Plated)
Handle: High Quality Leather ( Blue )

Suitable Backgammon Checker Sizes:
Diameter: 44,5mm
Thickness: 12mm
Material: Polyester and Acrylic
Style: Optional
Weight: 20gr – 22gr (1pcs)

Cube Dimensions:
Custom Wood Doubling Cube with Dice Storage
Material: Wooden
Cube Color: Black
Weight: 64gr
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm

Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 7,4cm
Cup Diameter: 5cm
Cup Exterior: Wooden
Cup Interior: Fabric
Cup Color: Black

Material: Cardboard and Plastic
Height: 10,5cm
Width: 21,5cm
Length: 8cm

Carrying Bag:
Material: Quality Leather
Color: Black
Dimensions: 24″ (60cm) x 18″ (45cm) x 4″ (10cm)

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