WALNUT – Walnut Wood – Backgammon Set


Our latest addition to our beautiful wood board collection, the WALNUT. This board features quality hardwood walnut all around, including the playing surface, using colored walnut inlays as point colors. The playing surface is also compatible with our Magfit surfaces (sold separately). To any backgammon player that loves beautiful natural wood, this board set was made for you and includes everything you need to start playing.

Select your Checkers

Black & White +
Brown & White +
Green & White +
Blue & White +
Purple & White +
Red & White +
Blue & Yellow +
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Select your Doubling Cube color

This backgammon board set includes 1 Doubling Cube
White +
Black +
Blue +
Green +

Select your Precision Dice colors

This backgammon board set includes 1 pair of 14mm Precision Dice
Black +
White +
Blue +
Red +
Yellow +
Green +
Black +
White +
Blue +
Red +
Yellow +
Green +

Customizable Magfit surface

This board does not include a customizable Magfit surface like our other boards as it's playing surface is made with WALNUT wood. Add a customizable surface to this order that fits perfectly your WALNUT board, where you can select your preferred colors, add a logo image or add text.
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Case Material: Quality walnut wood
Exterior Surface : Full walnut wood frame
Case Color: Natural walnut
Surface: The playing surface is completely prepared with real walnut wood. No inlay surfaces are included in this set but Magfit surfaces can be purchased separately and fitted in this case.

What’s included

Additional Information for WALNUT boards

Free accessories and free services included in the price of the product:

1 set (30pcs) Checker
1 Pair Precision Dice (14mm, 2pcs)
2 Dice Cups
1 Plastic Doubling Cube
FM Scoreboard (Black)
Carrying Bag

Closed Length: 23″ (58.5 cm)
Closed Width: 15.15″ (38.5 cm)
Closed Height: 3.15″ (8 cm)

Open Length : 30.3″ (77 cm)
Open Width: 23″ (58.5 cm)
Open Height: 1.6″ (4 cm)

Weight: 12.75 lbs (5,8 kg)

Backgammon Set Materials:
Exterior Surface : Quality Walnut Wood
Case : The frame in this model is a Walnut Wood.

Suitable Backgammon Checker Sizes:
Diameter: 44,5mm
Thickness: 12mm

Cube Dimensions:
FM Plastic Cube
Material: Plastic
Cube Color: Black ,Green , Blue or White
Weight: 20 gr
Dimensions: 3,5cm x 3,5cm x 3,5cm

Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 8cm
Cup Diameter: 5cm
Cup Exterior: Wooden
Cup Interior: Fabric
Cup Color: Black or Wooden

Material: Cardboard and Plastic
Height: 10,5cm
Width: 21,5cm
Length: 8cm

Carrying Bag:
Material: Fabric Carry Bag
Color: Black
Dimensions: 24″ (60cm) x 18″ (45cm) x 4″ (10cm)

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